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Medpure Technology Advancement

Technological Advancement of Medpure

Technical Advantages and
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Comparison of Photodynamic Sterilization and Common Sterilization

Application of Medpure Technology

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Medpure is a natural and safe organic dye with fast water solubility and can be deposited on the surface of various substrates and fabrics. Medpure has been effectively applied to nonwovens by using advanced composite technology of materials. The nonwovens with strong antimicrobial activity have been developed, which can be widely used in medical, health, daily protection and other fields. Medpure has become a safe alternative to traditional antimicrobial treatment, effectively reducing the spread of infectious diseases and drug resistance. The occurrence of bacteria, secondary pollution and cross-infection is applied to medical masks, isolation clothing, protective clothing, protective caps, footwear and other products, which brings medical staff and consumers safe and effective protection, comfort and environmental protection experience, and has broad application prospects and huge market value.

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Jiangsu Medpure Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, with a registered capital of CNY 35 million, covering an area of 20 Mu. It is an innovative biotechnology enterprise which integrates researching, manufacturing and trading of biomedical material.
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